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Cheap Flights to Durban From East London

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Durban is a fantastic city known for it’s beautiful, albeit busy, beaches which are popular surfing spots, famous bunny chows, and incredible amount of floral biodiversity due to its tropical climate. Travellers spend their time in Durban enjoying fresh, tropical fruits like pineapple, mangos, and avocado pears and enjoying the stunning natural world full of jungles with monkeys, caves, and pristine beaches.

If you are in East London and you are wanting to visit Durban, you are probably wondering where and how you are going to find the most affordable flights. Luckily, we’ve put in the hard work and have put together a quick guide to the how to get the cheapest flights from East London to Durban, when the best time to visit Durban is and what you can expect to do in Durban. Let’s have a closer look at everything you need to know before jumping on a plane in East London and visiting Durban. 

Expectant flight costs and how to save on your tickets

The Durban King Shaka International Airport (DUR) is a large and busy airport, accommodating travellers from all around the globe. The airport serves all major airlines which operate in South Africa including Airlink, Comair and South African Airways, but FlySafair is by far the most common and most affordable. 

Return flights between Port Elizabeth (ELS) and Durban King Shaka International Airport (DUR) and  Durban King Shaka International Airport (DUR) cost R1800 and R4300, depending on when you’d like to fly. If you are looking for a one-way flight, you can expect to pay between R2400 and R6000 because you’d be flying from a smaller airport. 

March and April are up to 18% more expensive for flight bookings than the other months. Your cheapest flights to Durban are in August at around 13% less than average ticket prices. Another pro tip is that flights from East London to Durban are, in general, more expensive on Fidays and try and book an evening flight – they can be up to 77% cheaper. Just remember to stay as flexible as possible when looking for cheap flights to Durban.

What to do in Durban

Are you wondering what you can spend your time doing and experiencing in Durban? We have you covered. The first thing we’d recommend that you do in Durban is spend the day at Ushaka Marine world. Durban is known for its marine life and Ushaka Marine World is the perfect place to learn more about it. Not only will you get the low down about the ongoings in the ocean, but you’ll also be able to live it up in the slippery water slides. 

Another ocean-related activity that we would recommend is learning to surf at Addington Beach. A local, black-owned business that you can support is Surf School Durban. They provide professional, safe, and most of all, fun surf lessons that can be enjoyed by the entire family. When you are done with your lesson, you’re guaranteed to be in search of the perfect bunny chow to stop the rumbling in your tummy. We recommend that you find your favourite curry at the Indian Quarter.