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Places to Visit in Mahikeng 

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Mafikeng, officially known as Mafikeng is a city situated in the Central Region of the Northwest Province. This area is known for its beautiful and modern architecture. There are so many things to do and to explore in Mahikeng. Let us have a look at these places in Mahikeng, South Africa

Botsalano Game Reserve 

This Reserve’s main purpose is to breed antelope and other mammals to stock reserves in South Africa. It is 5800 hectares and it is mainly Kalahari veld and wide-open grasslands. If you love bird watching and game viewing this is the perfect spot for you as there are a huge variety of wildlife and bird species.  You will be able to see the magnificent white rhino up and close. If you love the outdoors and are not really bothered to have all the luxuries this will be a great experience for you. The campsites are basic but you will have a braai area and lovely, breath-taking views.  

Mafikeng Museum 

If you love museums and history, you will enjoy the Mafikeng Museum. Visitors will experience the fascinating history, culture, and hospitality of the city. For historians, archaeologists, and nature enthusiasts this is definitely a must-see on the bucket list. You can explore historical sites around the town and you can admire the impressive steel ceiling, old town clock, and elaborate architectural style. Outside of the museum is a 6H class steam locomotive that is over 90 tons, that is definitely a must-see! 


This magnificent hole filled with water is 60km from Lichtenburg and 30km from Mafikeng in the North West Province. Wondergat is the deepest natural hole in South Africa and is used for advanced scuba diving as well as a training ground for instructors and technical divers. It’s a dive destination for groups of advanced divers. It is also a training site for dive instructors and technical divers. You cannot say you visited Mahikeng if you did not come to see this beauty! 

Leopard Park Golf Club 

Pay attention to the next one on the list as this will definitely be a treat if you are passionate about this sport. This is a breath-taking golf course and you will be surrounded by beautiful lush green grass. It does not matter at what level you are; this course provides for everyone. There are four different tee options so that you will have a fun time no matter what your experience level.